Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Centara Grand kids club

I wasn't aware of the mini kids club program on our last trip to Centara Grand, and had I been, I probably wouldn't have suggested it, anyway.  Vacation is family time, right?

But the boys asked to go when they saw the sign, so we agreed to drop them off for 1/2 an hour on our second day, "to see" while Whim and I hung out at the no-kids-allowed infinity pool.  We left the boys to decorate water bottles, and I have to admit, I fully expected them to complain when we picked them up later, through I didn't feel too bad about it.  The pool was very tempting. ;)

Not surprisingly, I was wrong.  They loved it, and wanted to stay!  Then they wanted to come back again after lunch.  Mind you, this is at a beach resort with 11 water slides, a kids pool, and a splash pad.  The playdough and crafts were somehow even more fun!

Whim and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves that afternoon.  I laid out under an umbrella, in silence, for an hour.  It was like I was actually on vacation.

They definitely would have gone back the next day if M wouldn't have gotten sick.  I honestly had always figured kids' programs were actually for the parents.  I never realized our kids would enjoy their time away even more than we did!

We still have another voucher for a free night at one of their other sites.  I think we'll definitely choose one with a kids club!

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