Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to school

What I will not be doing this year:

Writing a page-long fact sheet with information regarding everything anyone who might ever work with L at school might need to know about RAS.

Calling a meeting to talk with everyone who might ever work with L at school to go over the fact sheets.

Printing two-inch photos of him, attaching them to the fact sheets, and distributing them to everyone in attendance.

Preparing a full change of clothes in a labelled ziplock bag to keep in every classroom he might visit at school.   Including the Thai classroom which is adjacent to his classroom and has a connecting door.  And the nurse's office, (which, truth be told, has a giant Rubbermaid box of spare uniforms, which every child in the school is entitled to use when necessary.)

What I will be doing this year: 

Telling his teachers, special teachers and the nurse, "If he has a seizure, don't call an ambulance.  When it's over, have someone walk him to the nurse to rest."

That is all.

Last year he had no seizures at school, and only one near-miss.  So the question is, between common sense and Murphy's law, which will win out?

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