Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer special

Last weekend, we unearthed a hidden treasure from the back of the fridge.  It has been there since Christmas, waiting for the perfect moment to emerge.

We had so many treats while we were visiting Alaska (it's practically all I posted about for three weeks), and we had every intention of stocking up on more before the end of our trip, to bring back to Bangkok with us.  

But all our last-minute shopping plans changed when we experienced a bizarre drive-by shooting.  To focus that last day on shopping would have been a sacrelige.  We spent it together by a fireplace, which I know was the absolute right choice.  

So we came back without all the extra treats.  But luckily, we did still have a bag of marshmallows, which my cousin had picked up for us earlier in our trip.  We brought it back and tucked it away.  And last weekend- the first weekend of summer break- we broke it out for s'mores.

We had to use the boys' Goodies animal crackers and our favorite "healthy" chocolate mints, since we don't have all the same additive-free options here, but I didn't hear any complaints.

In Bangkok, it's pretty much always barbecue weather.  But there is something magical about a summer-vacation-s'more, isn't there?  To eat them just anytime would diminish their magic.  

Well, maybe not... But I have always loved it when things feel special, and I want my kids to have little traditions like that, too.

Spending a summer afternoon gathered around the barbecue just feels right.  Unlike spending it at the dentist's office, which is where we all are right now...

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