Sunday, May 3, 2015

Snowed in, Bangkok style

Our air conditioner chose this week to suddenly start dripping water.  The end of April: the stickiest, sweatiest time of year.

We recently had the hottest day in 55 years- at this time of year it doesn't even cool down overnight.

The air conditioner can't be cleaned until Monday.  What else could we do but retreat?

We spent the entire day yesterday holed up in the boys' deliciously cool room.

No computer.  No movies.  Just the four of us and our books and games.  In a funny way, it reminded me of being snowed in.  Or a blackout.  

But instead of being huddled by the fireplace with blankets and candles, we're doubled up on the bunkbed, emerging from our sanctuary just long enough to grab another puzzle or something from the fridge.  I don't think the boys squabbled all day.

By the time we're home from school on Monday, things will be back to normal.  I won't mind having my bedroom back, of course, but we might have to make a habit of being snowed in from time to time.  

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