Friday, May 22, 2015

Opening night

Look at these cuties on opening night! 

M has had such a wonderful time being part of this group.

He and A did so well.  They were definitely stiffer than in practice when they saw all the people in the audience, but they knew their lines and took their roles seriously.  M didn't crack a smile the entire dance number!

The rest of play itself was fun and silly and wonderful.  But the most magical thing happened after they took their bows.

One of the eight-graders swooped M up onto his back and raced him through the crowd, high fiving people left and right while A chased at their heels.

With the music, and the cheers, and M's peals of laughter, I was almost overwhelmed with happiness.  If I could have had a way to articulate it, that moment would have been my wish for M since the beginning.  That through the play he would be a part of something bigger than himself, feel accepted, and to experience something just like that piggy back ride.

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