Friday, May 22, 2015

Night 2

Mr. G treated all the actors to pizza before tonight's performance and graciously invited M and A, too.

M wouldn't be able to eat it, but we wanted him to have that shared experience.  

Whim came through with an additive-free special delivery, and M got to sit and eat pizza with his cast mates.

I know I overthink things, but that moment was important to M.  And finding a way to let him participate in things like this respects his social needs while still allowing him keep his diet, which is a necessity for him. He wouldn't have complained about a sandwich or a takeout box of fried rice instead. But for a while, they were all just kids eating pizza.

The play was absolutely electric tonight, and M was encouraged by so many friends and teachers who came to support him.

I hope the good feelings from this experience will stay with him for ever.

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