Sunday, May 10, 2015


M loves charts and graphs and tables.  He likes filling them out, and often asks for one about easy-to-categorize things like superheros, animal traits, books (genre, characters, setting, problem, lesson learned, time period, author, number of chapters... We've done every combination or iteration of book table imaginable.)

I indulge because he's not asking for expensive toys or junk food or a tattoo.  And surely organizing information is a better downtime/lounging activity than playing computer or tormenting his brother.

Last night he made a table of the Avengers.  We've done this one many times, as well, but the new movie brought new characters and fresh information to sort.  Then it was a bar graph of the Avengers characters and how many movies they have each appeared in.  (We're on to you, Tony Stark.) 

Last, he asked for a "feelings chart".  I had to get creative, since it's not as straightforward as our usual type.  But as he worked on it, I realized he must have had something he wanted to process. 

I feel like these faces are the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Look how the dissapointed guy is still trying to smile.

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