Saturday, May 16, 2015


When M was born, a friend of ours gave him an Albert Einstein-shaped pillow. 

As a toddler, he loved it.  He called it Albert.  Albert, Buzz, and blue blanket were his constant companions.  In fact, "Albert" was one of his earliest non-essential words. 

Yesterday the kindergarteners celebrated meeting their stamina reading goals by having a pajama day at school.  They brought favorite books and stuffed animals to snuggle up and read at school. And guess who made an appearance? 

Nope, not Albert.   


Just like that.  A kid reads a few books and suddenly he realizes that you don't get to refer to historical figures by their first names? What's next?

The same day, L's class celebrated Alphabet day. He is dressed as "R for racecar driver" (which he decided last year on his brother's Alphabet day and has mentioned approximately every two weeks for the last year.)  At least some things never change.

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