Sunday, April 5, 2015

You can do it!

Look what L can do!

M, who had always been supremely uninterested in learning, suddenly realized he had been left in the dust and also hopped to.  

As another TSO, I salute you, L.  I know the joy of doing something first.  I'm still proud that I'm the one that could do the penny drop.

So I no longer tie laces.  Now I just remind them again, after they come untied for the fiftieth time that day.  

The boys' cousin learned to walk today, and Whim and I reminisced at lunch about those early days and early milestones- how fun and exciting they were.  But this age has its own special moments.  

Today M, for the first time ever, assessed the situation and unbuckled his seat belt and scooted over to the far side of the seat to make room for his brother (when they were both getting in the car through the same side) without needing to be told.  I think my jaw must have hit the floor.  I have wondered aloud 500 times why he can't just notice that the other door isn't opening and scoot over without someone else bringing it to his attention.  Well, today he did.  First display of common sense.  That's better than a first tooth any day.

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