Saturday, April 25, 2015

Looks so natural, no one can tell!

I'm not always the biggest fan of kids' technology for the boys.  Some programs and apps are great, others are unavoidable... but most don't do much for me.  I'd rather see them read a real book, draw a real picture, or play with real toys.

Whim's friend recently bought books for the boys when they were in the hospital, both of which came with a free app.  I admit I wasn't exactly thrilled to see the app mentioned on the cover and every other page.   Can't we just read the book? But I was wrong.  Check it out!  It's awesome!

The dinosaurs "come out" out of the book and walk (or fly) around the room, and even climb into your lap.  The other book has 3D planets and heavenly bodies that you can hold and manipulate.  Only when you're looking through the iPad app, of course, but it feels so real!!!


  1. that sounds to be some great app

    1. These particular apps go with books that are printed here in Thailand, which are written in Thai. But I imagine there must be books like that all over the place now.