Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Greener grass

Growing up, Whim rarely got the name-brand shoes or sports equipment that he wanted.  Like a lot of us, his family got by ok, but didn't always have a lot of extra money for the latest trends*.

Because of that, he gets a lot of pleasure out of choosing "cool" backpacks, shoes, or clothes for the boys.  For Whim, cool pretty much= Adidas, and he isn't sending his child off to school with anything less. 

I don't mind.  I totally get it.  It's his "scholastic book order."

Over Songkran, though, in a pinch, we let the boys each pick out a pair of Tesco Lotus 89 baht Fraux. (I made that up.  Faux Crocs!)  Think 5 dollar foam slipons from Walmart, with a superhero decal.

They were overjoyed.

They both wore them all break, and M begged to wear them to school when we went back.

Go figure!  I wonder if they've been pining for garish polyester Masked Rider and Gundam tshirts, too?

*Hilarious side note: Fido Dido was hugely popular in Thailand when he was a teenager and you still see it sometimes.  What!??!

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