Thursday, March 19, 2015

L's latest

Less than a week after his brother's party*, L finished the same Khan academy mission.  Yes, the one I was so proud of M for finishing.  Yes, he's almost 2 years younger.

That kid is sneaky smart.  He might not be as flashy as M in the vocabulary department, but the boy is quick, especially when it comes to numbers.

And since I'm already bragging, he also wrote a story last week, and it's pretty adorable. 

Then, when I couldn't be prouder, he decided to chop off half his hair with craft scissors.  Just to balance things out, I guess, and remind me that he's four.

*No, we didn't have a party to celebrate.  Yes, that does make me feel guilty. We already had plans all weekend though, and to be honest it freaked me out and I tried to forget that it even happened.  

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