Monday, February 9, 2015

Sorry bud

"When I have kids, I'm going to let them eat whatever they want."

I think the easiest chapter of parenting kids with a special diet it over.  L had a taste of "the good life" while we were in Alaska, and he misses it.

Maybe in retrospect I shouldn't have given them so many treats there.  But it was fun!  After all, I don't get those treats here either.  But now when he sees treats at the grocery store, he wants some. And there are none to be found.

Yesterday we made homemade pizza- a first- inspired by the gf, additive free Udi's crusts we used on vacation.  The verdict: ambrosia.

And I've got another trick up my sleeve for today: cornflake muddy buddies (we don't have chex here, but they are otherwise the same.)  Sometimes a day off comes at just the right moment.

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