Monday, February 9, 2015

New kitchen! Sort of

When we moved into our house six years ago, it was completely bare.  Not a shelf, cupboard, closet, rack, or hook anywhere in the place.

We didn't have the money to design built-ins, so we did what we could with bookshelves and... bookshelves.  Our kitchen was lovingly dubbed "the Lego kitchen" with bookshelves and an old armoir piecemealed together to create a place to store the necessities, for now.

"For now" lasted way too long, but about 3 years ago, we put in cabinets and cupboards and had a real kitchen.  Except there still wasn't enough room to store everything, and we still had one last bookshelf in the kitchen, overflowing with cereal boxes and tea.  And drinking glasses.  And baskets of Tupperware, dish towels, and hotpads.

Last year we bought two more cupboards from a friend who was moving house, and they've been stacked in the corner of our kitchen ever since.  Taunting me.  Several months ago, Whim took down the existing cabinets in order to hang the new ones, then hit a snag and never did. Soon they were stacked along the others. So no cabinets.  Dishes and groceries stacked on every available surface.

Until last week. Whim hung them and they look fabulous.  We moved the fridge, and it feels so open and airy. I love my new kitchen.

Now we get to decide where to put the bookcase!

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