Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life I love you, always groovy

loved our resort.  The atmosphere was so relaxed- it felt like we were a million miles from the city, instead of just a quick hour's drive.

We spent nearly every minute of our waking hours there outdoors (and L and I definitely have the pink cheeks to prove it.)

We ate all our meals by the pool or by the river.  We hammocked and kayaked and explored and braved the icy pool again (much nicer in the heat of the day!)

The boys both screwed their courage to the sticking-place and bravely jumped several feet from the boardwalk to the cool river below... then climbed the ladder and jumped again and again for the rest of the afternoon.  Whim and I even indulged in luxurious outdoor massages.

The whole time I just marvelled at how easy it was.  The boys were mellow and they had room to explore and play.  The atmosphere was very kid-accepting, and I never felt like I had to hover over the boys and make sure they weren't bothering people.

This sign was perfect.  Number 10 says "Silence.  Don't disturb the peace.  And don't eavesdrop on other who are disturbing the peace."  

I'm always amazed at how refreshing and fun a quick weekend trip can be.  This weekend was particularly wonderful because every time we turned around people were commenting on how well-behaved and self-reliant the boys were, and asking what we did for them to be so articulate and confident and independent.

Seriously!  I wanted to pinch myself!  It's like Someone saw inside my harried, frazzled, often-cringing, always-worried mother heart and knew what I needed to hear most of all and arranged this whole weekend as a special valentine blessing just for me.

We're almost home, but I'm bringing these good feelings back with me.

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