Monday, February 9, 2015

It's all Greek to me

And he's off. The name of the game is Greek gods, and the obsession level is maximum.

I have to give myself credit for this one, because I totally called it months ago.  It's new/foreign words, super powers, exciting stories, and interesting facts all rolled into one irresistible nerd-love. 

Yesterday he needed a project to help him get centered after a hard, reactiony, swollen-eyed Saturday.  So he made a table of Greek gods, their Roman equivalents, and their respective domains.

He worked on it on-and-off all morning before church, calmly and peacefully, his only regret that he hadn't left room for a 'symbols' column on the page.

If only there were more gods, he wouldn't have gotten in trouble for hitting me with a catapulted pencil as soon as he finished.  I guess there's always Norse gods.  And Egyptian... 

Most interestingly: M, never one to miss a connection, especially between his two most favorite current interests, asked me why the Apollo missions weren't called Artemis missions, seeing as how they were bound for the moon, not the sun.  Hmm.  Why indeed?  Off to google.

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