Saturday, February 7, 2015

I've never been prouder

This last month has been a little hard for M. We're working on some ways to make school more positive for him, and helping him work through some bummer times with friends, too.  

Yesterday, a mom-friend approached me about a recent "incident" and I braced myself for the worst.  We've been friends since the boys were only a year old, so I knew we could get through whatever had happened between her son and M.  But the truth is, my stomach dropped to my knees as she described how her son had been having a bit of a hard time with friends at school.  I didn't want to believe that M was part of the problem, but I heard her out.

She described some classmates pushing her son the other day, and then M... stepping in to help.  My boy!!  I was so proud, my eyes welled up with tears right there in the school cafeteria. 

Before the end of the day I had heard two versions of the story: one where M said "If you're going to push someone, push me!" and one less dashing version where he just said, "Don't push my friend."   Either way, the friend was relieved and glad to have M on his side.  I can be so hard on him sometimes.  Hearing that story just made me want to kick myself for all the times I've nagged him to quiet down, and slow down, and calm down.  And thank my lucky stars that he is mine.

Later I told him how proud I was of him standing up for his friend, and he... had no clue what I was talking about. Well.  I guess he's just taking the non-chalant hero thing to a new level.


  1. This is the best story ever! I so hope my kids are the kind that stick up for friends and strangers. My eyes welled up too! Way to go M!

    Also, that's hilarious that he didn't even know what you were talking about!

    1. I was so proud! You hope your child will be that kind of person.