Saturday, February 21, 2015

Children's Discovery Museum

Today Whim is selling records at a charity event.  In a rare and uncharacteristic attempt to be social, I made plans with some friends and took the boys to visit the new Children's Discovery Museum, here in Bangkok.

If we had gone there only to build with the larger-than-life Legos, it would have been totally worth it.  They were awesome.

If we had gone there just to visit the dinosaur exhibit, it still would have been totally worth it.  The kids entered through the T-Rex's ferocious jaws, dug for fossils, dressed up as dinosaurs, and even fed huge anamatronic dinosaur heads.

We didn't come close to seeing everything there was to do, but everything we saw was engaging, well-executed, neat, and safe.  I think I heard something about a spacecraft area (for M,) but we didn't make it this time.  There was also a cooking class for kids, art classes, and hands on science experiments.  I can't imagine anyone could do it all in one day.

Before we left, the boys went wild on the *outdoor play structure and then cooled off in the splash pad. 

Again, either one would have been worth the trip in and of itself.  I've never seen such a huge playground, and in the heat of the day, that splash pad was so enticing! It was one of the best family outings we've found in Bangkok.

Especially since the museum is free to the public!  It is a sad reality that public parks and works deteriorate rather quickly in Thailand, so we will be sure to visit often while it is so nice and new!

*Bonus: I have lived in fear of playlands and playgrounds since L was first able to toddle off into one.  Even though he rarely has seizures now, I hate to think of him being up in one of those child-sized tunnels and needing help where I couldn't get to him.  This playground could hold adult weights and the only tunnels there were slides!

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