Sunday, February 1, 2015

Book suggestions?

A familiar sight with a new subject.

I remember when M was at this stage.  Picture books still entertain L (greatly) but it's taking ever more books per day to keep up with his demands, and he spends more time choosing the books each day after school than it even takes to read them.  He's done by the time we get home from school, no matter how many I let him take out.

He's ready to move on to chapter books, but not ready to commit, even though I know that one fun chapter book could replace 20 times its weight in picture books. (Backpack weight/time spent choosing books at the library every day after school are my only concerns.  He could read picture books for 5 more years and I wouldn't fuss.  M still enjoys them, too.  Heck, even I like them!)

For the record: with M, I failed spectularly until I realized he didn't want to read books about annoying 7-year-olds teasing their siblings.  Out with ALL the cheesy transitional chapter books I had been pushing, in with actual chapter books: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, The Cricket In Times Square, Charlotte's Web, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Henry and Ribsy, and the whole Great Illustrated Classics shelf. He never looked back.  But, along with being a certified logophile, he had the skills to handle those heftier books.

But L is different.  He's younger, for one, and his reading comprehension is still closer to second grade than fifth.  Plus, he has a very specific set of interests.  In a word: cars.  

He'll happily read a picture book about pretty much anything fun, but hasn't been interested in diving into any of the transitional chapter books I've suggested.  I wondered if racecars could be the secret to unlocking chapter books for him.  It looks like they just might be.

He sweated his way through his first-ever chapter book, so curious to find out if Humphrey, the racecar-driving hamster, wins his big race or not. (Don't worry. I won't spoil it for you).  And when he finished he wanted to read it again.

So.  That worked.  Aside from The Mouse and the Motorcycle (perfect suggestion from my perfect BFF/expert on all things books and otherwise) what other easyish chapter books might catch the interest of a car-loving four-year-old?

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