Friday, January 30, 2015

Things he doesn't do

The other night when I was writing about how I have used my blog to analyze M to oblivion, I realized that I don't always follow up with specific issues. 

As I'm working to understand xyz about him, I blog about it, he gets it/matures/moves on, I ... don't blog about it.  By then I have probably moved on to a new worry and am too busy thinking about that.

My blog needs a disclaimer: People in blog may be more normal than they appear.

So, just for accuracy's sake and kicks.

Things M doesn't do anymore, or things that never turned out to be worth the worry in the first place:

Repeat himself 
Count his syllables/words
Lick his hands or arms
Get time out every day at school
Fuss about shirt tags/socks
Fuss about lights/noises
Carry a note in his pocket to remember to notice people's countenance
Have trouble making friends.

It's hard to know what was additives, what was asynchronous development, and what was just being a kid. But poor guy!  All those little things that make parents wonder: "Is this normal?" are probably all normal.  

And lucky L, born second to a mom who has already stressed herself to immunity on most issues before he ever reaches them.

M, you are perfect.  I wouldn't have changed one thing about you, and that includes the licking!

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