Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Book and a rant

If you ever have two bedridden Kindergarteners to entertain, The Book With No Pictures is just the thing.

Yes, the boys are back in the hospital.  Yes, I am slowly going crazy.

I have figured out why staying at this particular hospital always renders me completely incoherent and twitchy within a day or two.

Last night, after the boys fell asleep (7:30 pm) the nurses proceeded to come in, flip the lights on, wake them up, and check on them, dragging machinery and speaking at full volume, SEVEN times in the next five hours.  And then at least once an hour for the rest of the night.

I realize you must know their daily bathroom tally, check temperatures, check blood pressures, and administer medication.  But do they all have to be done at different times?  With the lights on?


  1. Ugh, sometimes I swear hospital staff are miserable so they decide to make the patients and the family miserable too. I remember being in the hospital as a kid and it was like really?? You have to come in at 4am to do this??

    1. I was assuming that they were all not in communication with eachother, so they all assumed they were the only ones coming in. Your guess is much funnier!