Saturday, January 31, 2015

Field day success

Last week was field day at school, which always includes a class cheer and costume competition.  L's classmates were zoo animals, M's class was teeth, and my students were superheroes.

In the past, I've raised the point that the standard "pizza party" reward for best field day cheer and costumes might not be the best way to reinforce the PE department's goals of fitness and health for the children.  [Not to be a killjoy, but it's not actually just once in a while.  With 20+ classmates' birthdays, holidays, rewards, and food-related lessons, junk food at school can be a weekly issue.]

This year, the reward was a pool party!  What a good plan- fun for the students, easy to prep, low-cost, and no unnessary junk food.

I'm sure they changed it for their own reasons, so I'm not taking credit.  I'm just celebrating the step in a healthier direction!

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