Thursday, January 15, 2015

Big news for the 6 and under crowd

First tooth.  It's a pretty big deal. 

That tooth has been hovering above the gum line for days, root completely exposed but tooth somehow hanging on for dear life by the tiniest of threads.

I could not understand his laid-back approach.  My fingers itched.  When I was a kid, a loose tooth was headline news!  I couldn't wait to pull it. He played it cool, opting to let nature take its course.

Then, without preamble, he suddenly developed an interest and brought up the door knob trick.  One swift kick to the door (thank you L!) and it was done.

He's so proud.  This is right up there with the time he discovered he had *grown a nosehair.

(He's done the close-lipped, wide-cheeked smile for so long that he doesn't look any different unless he's showing you.)

So his tooth is safely under his pillow.  But of course, it will still be there tomorrow morning when he goes to collect his money, otherwise how else will he be able to throw it up to the roof to ensure the next tooth grows in straight?

 I love the boys can grow up with double the traditions. Here's to the first tooth!

*Unverified.  It may have been a loose eyelash, but far be it from me to deny my boy his moment in the sun.

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