Saturday, December 6, 2014

Not the same

Yesterday I made real chocolate chip cookies for Whim for Father's Day.  No substitutions.

They were gluten-free, because that's the only kind of flour we have, but other than that, they were the real deal.

Oh man.  I forgot how good they are.  Until yesterday, I had myself completely convinced that our healthified versions of cookies and treats are just as good as the original.  My eyes have been opened and I take it all back.

I'll still make them.  But nothing is as good as real butter and sugar.  Sorry. ;)


  1. Hahahah yeah, pretty much. There's an ice cream shop in town called Cream that is ice cream with fresh baked cookies and they make ice cream sandwiches for you and it's so freaking good and I wish I'd never found out about this place. But also I'm so glad I did.

    1. Hahaha we kept saying, "these are so good, we should make ice cream sandwiches" but we just kept eating them hahahahah