Saturday, December 20, 2014


Whew.  We did it.  School is out and we're counting down the hours.

L may have brought a bag of tortilla chips to school for his class party instead of a fancier homemade treat, but I'm satisfied that they both had their own homemade cookies and icing for their classroom cookie decorating parties.

Their teachers may have all received a generic gift, but we were able to show our appreciation.  They didn't show up empty-handed, and the boys thought book store gift certificates were a great idea.  

Our suitcases are packed.  The boys' carryons are kitted out.  Cross your fingers, but I still have high hopes for these flights.  We even have their meals planned from start to finish, since the airline couldn't confirm additive-free options.

Thanks to a quick (not quick) after-school shopping trip, all our gifts are bought and wrapped and packed... along with every sweater in the house.

(This is how we all felt on the way home!)

Sometimes, some items on the To Do list have to be reimagined to preserve sanity.  I brought store-bought cookies for my kindergarten class.  They didn't even notice.

The only thing left on the list is to clean the house.  As much as I'd love to "reimagine" that one, there's nothing like leaving on vacation with the peace of mind that you'll be coming back to a neat and tidy home.

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