Friday, November 7, 2014


I've written before about M's deep love of words.  New words exite him more than anything else.

Now I'm beginning to suspect that his multiple-book-a-day habit is just another way to feed his word obsession. He enjoys them, no doubt.  But I think it's less about the actual stories he's reading than the words that are building them.  Or maybe it's a combination of both.

Tintin comics are a favorite, because there's guaranteed to be an unfamiliar turn of phrase every few pages.  Same goes for Harry Potter, with its charming British slang, and Doraemon, thanks to the sometimes-kooky Japanese-to-English translation.

Last week he got a book about carnivorous plants from the library.  He unearthed a beauty within the pages: botanical.  He was so moved he couldn't go on until he shared it with me.  Botanical!  What a word!

He immediately asked to go visit a botanical garden.  I get him.  It's not the flowers he wants to see.  It's the word.  He wants to experience the amazing new word he just discovered.  I totally get it.

I found this later on my desk.  Sweet boy.
Lists like this will always warm my heart.

Yesterday morning in the taxi, he cried of desperate jealousy when he found out that L's middle is the Thai word for "the Word".  His own middle name, a form of Whim's real name, means holy.  I gave him a hug and told him how we chose his name, and how special it is to us.  "I know..." he answered between sobs.  "I just... love... words!"

Yeah, you're not kidding!

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