Sunday, November 9, 2014

Note to self

"Those kids brought their own private food to the party...weird.  Let's not talk to them!"

A child actually said this in reference to the boys yesterday.  What!?  That's the kind of mean/impossible stuff I dream up to torture myself with when I can't sleep and I indulge in ridiculous worrying!

Surely only kids in my imagination say things like that.

But, lo - ten minutes later, lunch was finished and they were all laughing over loud burps and silly questions, and the 'private' food was forgotten. 

So take that, friend-of-my-children's-friend, who we will likely never see again.  Or more like, take note, self.  Not everything is a big thing.

Note: Kids say dumb stuff all the time, my own kids included.  Stop worrying! 


  1. Don't you just hate those moments so much?! My kids do it to me all the time...but nothing is better than when they are actually nice again! ;)-Ashley

  2. I need to learn that kids tend to work their own stuff out :)

  3. What?!!? That's so ridiculous those kids said that!! And that is totally something I would come up with in my imagination too. But the fact that it happened would just make me all the more paranoid -- I like that you are able to shake it off.

    1. Ok I commented on this like three times, what gives?

      Anyway, with your powers of overthinking And paranoia, you'll make a great mom one day! ;)

    2. HAHAHA thanks Robin!! I of course worry that I'm going to be the annoying worrying mom. :)