Saturday, November 22, 2014


I saw your dad once, his beard is weird!
"One day you'll grow up and have a beard, then we'll see what you say."

Your hair looks like mama noodles!
"Yes! I love mama noodles!"

You don't get to have any of the cake, nyah-nyah!
"That's ok.  I can make cake at home when I want to."

M loves practicing what he'd say if someone started teasing.  The guidance counsellor at school gave a lesson to his class about responding to teasing a few months ago, and he's been asking to practice ever since.  I truly don't think his classmates tease at school.  But maybe he just wants to be ready.  

He treats it like a puzzle- you have to answer quickly, not be rude back, and not rise.  He's good, though I take care to only "tease" about silly things or things I know won't bother him.

L, on the other hand, has exactly one line. But it is unstoppable.
No matter the taunt, his response:

"Mandude, that's how God made me."

Who could go on in the face of such cuteness?

You're a baby!
"Mandude, that's how God made me."

And the bully combusts into a poof of smoke!


  1. That is literally the most adorable and perfect response to any teasing. PERFECT!!! Oh, he's so precious!! <3 --Lisa

    1. He can pull it off because he's so tiny and cute! I wish I had that power.

  2. I LOVE that M is practicing his responses! I want to do that too hahah! And L's response is too perfect!! He's the cutest!

    1. M is very much a practicer and doesn't like being surprised by things!