Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lazy day

The boys and I are under the weather.  Not miserable, thankfully, just sick enough to want to indulge in a quiet day snuggled up in bed, which we did.  It was glorious.

I'm not ashamed to say the laptop was a constant companion.   We have strict limits during the week, but I figure a sick Saturday in bed is not the time to worry about screen time.

We started the day with youtube drawing tutorials - if you ever need a teenage mutant ninja turtle face, I'm your gal- and the boys both read and played games all morning.
Then, yesterday afternoon, only five years late to the party, I signed M up for Khan Academy.  I am geeked. He loved it.  L was busy (writing fan fiction aka a paragraph called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Cars" and starring -get this- Materangelo) but I'll sign him up today, too.  I think it could become a part of the puzzle in finding ways to challenge them at home and feeding the curiosity beasts within.

Finally, last night, the boys and I ushered in the season with one of our holiday favorites by creating a family elf yourself video.  It's tradition. L made a silly one of his baby cousin Naan, too.

The good thing about a lazy lie-in is that you're all the more ready to get out and do something the next day.  Now if somebody would just wake up...


  1. That sounds like so much fun! (Well, not the sick part). I should totally be looking up drawing tutorials on YouTube! What a fun idea.

  2. It was surprisingly satisfying to knock out an amazing turtle!