Thursday, October 23, 2014

Part of a boo-tiful breakfast

This morning, L and I made muffins and he excitedly pulled out the fancy straws that Nana included in M's birthday package.  Paired with last Halloween's "Boo!" plates and cups (also c/o Nana), it made for the the perfect October treat.

Thank you, mom, for always sending such nicely-thought out gifts, including little treats for the non-birthday boy. :)  


  1. AW! How cute! Isn't it nice when the non-birthday child gets a little treat, too?! Way to go Nana! Nana's always know just the right thing! :) --Lisa

    1. I'm much more of a "hey, sorry, it's not your birthday" person, but Nana's are much sweeter. :)