Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy sixth birthday, M!

Happy birthday, M.

You are so precious to me.  I love you, forever.

I wished you happy birthday a dozen times yesterday, but 6 is still hard to believe! 

You were so confident and at ease with your friends yesterday.  I love to see you as one of the gang.  Happy and excited and wild at the thought of pizza and a movie on a school night, just like the other boys.  

There was a magic moment on the way to the theater, with you on my lap and your three friends buckled into the backseat, when everyone was singing along with Frozen at the top of their voices...  I felt a release from the last of the worries I'd been allowing to keep shackled to my heart.  

You're six now, and the ways that you are different from other six year olds are beautiful, and will only enrich your life and not hinder it.  In that moment I could see the future, and those worries were all for nothing.

M, you're smart as a whip-that will get you far. And you're funny and kindhearted, so you'll always be able to find good people to surround yourself with. What more does a six year old need?

Happy birthday my beautiful, darling boy.


  1. "Six" sounds so grown up, right--so unbelievable? But then when I realize that six years ago, I didn't even know my firstborn, I can't imagine how I felt whole at all. And then six years seems like forever instead of a blink. Oh, maybe I should forget trying to make sense of it since Mommy brain never actually turns off, and our days muddle together into one giant current of fierce, unrelenting love.

    Your boy is awesome and will always be extra special to our family. He's smart, considerate, fun, and honest. (I'd be thrilled if he married one of my girls!) Can't wait to hang out again sometime soon and make more memories. Happy belated birthday from all of us. :)

  2. Your mom-speak makes perfect sense to me :)

    We love every chance we get to spend time with your family. Thank you for caring for my boys. It means so much to me.