Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy October

Yesterday M asked me for a fall project.  I'm not a crafty mom.  I can't even look at those "55+ hands-on crafts for boys" Pinterest posts because they just make me feel guilty or cause severe eye-rolls.

But I remember being in elementary school and wishing we decorated more for holidays, so I get where he's coming from. (I was also obsessed with the dream of making muffins, for some reason, which is probably why I always make them for my kids now.  I'm sure when my brother has kids he will put them in a bowling league whether or not they want to, since that was his constant fantasy.)

Anyway, so the boys and I made a Halloween bunting for their room from a falling-apart Curious George costume party book.  M did most of the work, since as he put it, "L doesn't even know how to bunt..."

It's just Halloween pictures cut out and stuck on orange and black paper.  (In the picture it looks yellow, but it's really orange.)  Nothing fancy, but the boys love it and it puts them in the holiday spirit.

Next to be added: Spooky spiders and led candles from Nana's birthday package for M.  Thanks, Mom!

Happy October!

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