Saturday, September 27, 2014


Today, for fun, M listed the ninja turtles and specified their weapon, mask color, and attitude (and searched online to find the parts he didn't know).  He also went on to name their collective enemies, master, favorite food, catchphrase, and place of residence.

Next was the Avengers (weapon, suit color, nemesis, and logo of each).

The final list of the day was the Ninjago characters (complete with color, weapon, and element.)

I love it! He's writing, "researching", and interested in cataloging information, all independently, all out of his own curiosity.  

Part of me wants to nudge it in a slightly more useful direction, though.  He might enjoy animal classifications, or national capitals just as much.  And if he's going to go out of his way to memorize things, why not choose something educational?

But maybe I should just leave him alone and let him be five?  Maybe the experience itself is more important than the actual information gathered and I shouldn't interfere?  My own parents were hands-off in the best ways, letting us read what we wanted, teaching us about what we were curious about, but never forcing anything down our throats.

But, then again, he might not always have the same propensity for memorization, or the perspective that charts are interesting and information is ripe for the harvest.  It seems a waste not to capitalize on the current interest and file away some useful information for later life.

He did just start reading Percy Jackson- mythical gods and their respective domains?  Hmm...Now I just have to make him think it's his own idea...


  1. Awwww! He is a researcher...and seriously, I would say that all those Wikipedia pages out there don't write themselves...he may have found his calling!! :)-Ashley