Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another one

L had a terrible seizure last night.  Or maybe it was normal and just felt awful because I hadn't seen one in a while.

He lost consciousness in the shower and hit his head on the wall and again on the floor as he fell.  I was right there, urging him to lay down before it started, because I could see him getting close.  Of course, now I wish I had just guided him down by hand, but he is school aged, and I just can't keep helping him into recovery position every time.  He has to stop resisting it and lay himself down.  So I waited, and coached him, and then it was too late.  

It's been seven weeks of school and he hasn't had any seizures there yet.  That's good, of course, except for feeling like we're waiting for the other foot to fall.  [To be fair, even after he had one, I'd probably still feel that way, so I should just enjoy this time.]

As always, I'm considering contributing factors.  Yesterday was a very full day.  He could have been a little dehydrated from all the sun and playing and climbing and bouncing.  He missed his nap, but he's four and that happens pretty often on weekends.  Dinner was supposedly safe, but we haven't checked about that brand of pizza in over a year.  Things could have changed.  He also had coconut ice cream after lunch.

I can get to the point, after a long calm spell, where I'm not thinking much about seizures.  I let L climb that bouncy rock climbing wall yesterday with barely a second thought and left him in the bouncy castle to play for ages while I sat and chatted with mom friends in another room.  I haven't peeked in his classroom window to check on his pants in weeks.  And then it happens and it's right back to the front of my mind.

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