Saturday, August 23, 2014

Still zero!

Working in my sons' school means I am lucky enough to see them from time to time throughout the day.

My class passes theirs in the hallway, we smile at eachother from across the multipurpose room during Chapel, and I can even grab a quick hug in the cafeteria at lunch.

Yesterday morning when I saw him, my stomach dropped a little.  I maybe wouldn't have noticed except that that morning he had looked so cute in his little suspenders that I had taken a picture, and it was still fresh in my mind.

When I saw him he was in other pants, no suspenders.

I worried until noon, when I saw his teacher in the cafeteria.  It turns out he slid down a wet slide on the playground earlier and soaked his backside.

My mind is always going to go to seizure. This is one time I was relieved to be an over-worrying mom.
Three weeks down, seizure count = 0.


  1. Whew! My mind always goes to the worst place first as a mom. I can't help it. I LOVE that it was just a happy sliding incident. (and HOORAY for zero seizures in 3 weeks!! Fantastic!!) --Lisa

  2. Yay!! A sliding accident sounds WAY more fun than a seizure accident. That's awesome you can be close to them, though.