Saturday, August 9, 2014

First week down

I think this picture from the taxi the other day sums up how we all feel after the first week back to school.

L took to school just like I knew he would.  He was brave and friendly and obedient.  He even earned a sticker from his teacher every day this week!

And M has grown and matured so much since last year.  I think this year is going to be great for him, too.  He earned reward time on his very first Friday.

But we aren't used to these early mornings and busy days!  


  1. Oh Miles, I know that feeling (not the back to school part, just the being exhausted and sleeping in the car part).

    1. Don't you hate waking up from sleeping in the car? My neck gets so sore!

    2. Haha it takes me forever to fall asleep in a car and it's totally rare, so when I do fall asleep it's usually because I have something tucked underneath my head. Because, yes, my neck gets sore!