Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vacation things to remember

Things to remember for our next vacation:

1. Stick to breakfast in the room.  
It's not much fun to go to a hotel's fancy buffet and only be able to eat a few of the options there.  It is apparently very fun to eat the same things you eat every other day of your life, except sitting on a towel on a hotel balcony.  The boys were thrilled to have breakfast picnics of just fruit, rice crackers, juice/milk, and hardboiled eggs.

2. At least ask
I'm such a penny pincher by nature that I tend to avoid tourist-traps like the beach-side pony ride.  I always assume it's highway robbery and say no thanks as we settle down on the nice, free sand.  This time, feeling frivolous, I checked.  The rides were 10 dollars for half an hour, which seemed pretty fair to me, and he even agreed to let the boys split a turn and ride for 15 minutes each (which was more than enough). I may be cheap, but I'm not dumb.  That was 10 dollars well spent.

3. Just get in.
This is something I need to remember all the time, not just on vacation.  Get in the swimsuit, get in the picture, get in the pool.  It sometimes seems like a hassle, and it would be easier to sit it out, but the fun stuff happens when we get in.

4.  Another crab omelet won't kill them.
Sometimes I stress trying to find a place where the kids can eat safely.  But the truth is, they can get an omelet and rice almost anywhere.  It's just a few days, it's not the end of the world if they don't get much variety.

5. If you see a bicycle built for four, rent it.
That's all, it's just really fun.

6. It's worth it!
Some parts of vacations do end up feeling a little crazy, but it's worth it. This trip in particular, the fun and relaxing parts totally outweighed the stress... 


  1. These are great tips. I'm totally cheap, so I would've said no to the pony ride, too. But I'm so glad you asked! $10 is totally reasonable. And that four person bike looks fun! And totally hilarious. But fun!

    1. Being cheap is a blessing and a curse ;)

      The bike was so fun! We were totally tourists for the day!