Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer of nothing, revisited

Every time I turned around this summer, his nose was buried in a book.

To see my son dive headlong into a life of reading brings me a deep joy that I have anticipated since I first became a mother.

But this kid...

Every time I turned around this summer, he had found another way to accessorize.  Cape, crown, beanie, suspenders, headband, necktie, wrist cuff, "gold medal", sunglasses, costume, goggles, cap, bandana, scarf...  You name it, he wore it.

I don't have even a tenth of his eye for flair, but to see him cultivate his own taste and shine in a way that is so uniquely him and find ways to express himself... It brings me a joy I never could have expected.

As summer winds down and our schedules shift, I'll miss the unscheduled hours we've had together for books and costumes.  I couldn't be happier about how we spent our summer vacation and with who these two are becoming.


  1. Yay for books!! Love Lennon's accessories.

    PS: This post just popped up in my reader today, even though it was published nine days ago, just fyi (I was actually heading over to check to see if I'd missed something because you're usually much better about consistently posting than I am)

    1. Uh oh... I will try to figure it out, but I don't have high hopes. I still wiggle my fingers when I say "the Internet" so that might shed some light on my level of tech savvy-ness :)

    2. HAHAHAH I love you Robin.