Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pineapple "ice cream"

Thailand is home to the world's most delicious pineapples: Phu lae and Phuket.

You can buy them from the side of the street- giant pieces, peeled and sliced, for ten baht each (~30 cents).

I could eat them every day.  Sometimes I do! There are over two dozen other varieties of pineapples grown in Thailand, but these are so delicious, I have never had much use for them. 

So with these tangy slices of heaven available on practically every corner, I don't understand how anyone could come home from the market with two kilos of glassy pineapple, instead! (cough, cough.. Whim ...cough!)

I froze it for smoothies, but then yesterday -struck by sudden genuis- I blended some up into "ice cream" using the grinder attachment instead, and it was amazing! 

I made another batch this morning with (fresh, unfrozen) mangosteen.  What did the kids think?

I'll let the picture speak for itself.



  1. Haha! That last picture totally made my morning, Robin!!

    That must have been some GOOD ice cream :D

  2. OMGeeee...this sounds delicious. Face first works for me! That's EXACTLY how I would eat that delicious concoction. I had no idea there were so many different varieties of pineapple. Awesome. Now I'm hungry and I don't have any delicious pineapple. RATS! --Lisa

    1. I bet you could do the same thing with canned pineapple if you drained it pretty well before you froze it!

  3. HAHAHAH that photo is awesome. I'm so jealous you can get fresh pineapple slices for 30 cents.

    OK so this isn't completely the same but I'm kind of a stickler for feta -- I like the blocks you can buy in the packages. But SOMEONE (cough cough B) buys the pre-crumbled feta and it makes me FURIOUS. Like, why waste your money on crappy feta when you can get delicious feta. It boggles my mind. I'm glad you were able to make pineapple cream out of pineapples. :)