Friday, June 6, 2014

Up, up, and away!

He made it!

Yesterday M's class celebrated the end of the school year with an Up, Up, and Away themed program.

The kids were adorable.  They charmed every parent there, but for me it was more than just sweet.  It was relief.

I watched as every one of the five-year-olds wiggled and squirmed, lost focus and then remembered what they'd practiced, and then forgot again and turned to chatter excitedly with the person in the next chair.

At the end, one girl frog-jumped up to receive her certificate. A boy on the end wouldn't stop pulling his shirt off his shoulder and saying "sexy boy!" during the photos.  And the mom across the aisle from me hissed at her daughter to quit messing around the entire time.  

I was so happy.  These are my people!  I'm not alone!  All our kids are crazy!

Seriously, though.  It was so eye-opening.  For the last ten months, every time M's teacher would make comments like, "M needs to work on his self-control" I would hear, "M's self-control is the worst in the class." I didn't even realize I was doing it.

I wasted so much anxiety over comments she might have been making to half the parents in the class.  They're five.  Why did I assume that everyone else had their act together?

M has been off additives, has been a 'normal kid', for two whole years.  I guess It's still hard not to see things through that lens.


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations, Miles!

    I would have a hard time not assuming the teacher was telling me my kid was the worst in the class anyway! Love this picture of you guys, it's too cute!

    1. I don't see him that way, but I always assume everyone else still does.

  2. Congratulations, Miles!! Can I tell you how much I adore his button down shirt and vest? SO CUTE!!!
    And you are SO RIGHT! No kids have their acts together! They are all nuts! Just keep remembering this. It *really* comes in handy for the teen years! (every time I hear another mom tell me the stupid things her teenage son does it makes me feel so. much. better! :D ) --Lisa

    1. Next year I will not lose perspective!! :)