Monday, June 23, 2014

Red (and yellow) letter day

Think of a summer barbecue.  Maybe you've been swimming all day, or playing frisbee.  You're five years old and you're hot and hungry.

You can smell the hotdogs roasting and pour yourself a big glass of lemonade before you sit down at the picnic.  Ahhh!  This is the life.

Then your mom hands you your plate.  Mmmm..! Fresh fruit, oven baked fries and... cue record scratch... A barbecued hot dog, plain, wrapped in a slice of store-bought bread.

Sorry. You can't have ketchup and mustard, and all the buns have preservatives or artifical ingredients.  

I feel like I'm always doing that to my kids.  I'll make you a cupcake, but without sprinkles.  You can have plain popcorn, but not the microwave kind.  We can eat pizza, but only from one restaurant and only certain toppings.

I know they don't care, but I can't help thinking that if it was me, I would.  

I'm always checking the import market for specialty items the boys can have, but  last weekend I stumbled onto an additive-free ketchup at the regular supermarket!  

Emboldened by my find, I checked out French's yellow mustard just in case and was shocked to find that it has always been ok!  Oops... Sorry boys!

Anyway, we had a barbecue to celebrate, and the boys were in hog heaven.  Lennon even put ketchup on his pomello!

Despite never putting up a fuss when they have to forego condiments, I know they've been watching.  When I topped M's hotdog with straight lines instead of the commerical-classic ketchup and mustard squiggle, he wasn't having it!  

In the end it was still wrapped in a boring slice of store bread, but it was still a victory.  One thing at a time, I guess!


  1. You're so sweet for finding them additive-free substitutes. That's awesome you got to have a bbq with ketchup and mustard! I totally forgot about the commercial squiggle. I need to step up my game.

    Lately, I can't stop thinking about how I want my imaginary kids to eat. At what age do they get to have sugar? Is it mean of me to only give them ice cream that has no sugar or actual cream in it until they're a certain age? I'm not even a mom yet and I already have mommy guilt.

    1. It's good you're thinking about it now! By the time you do have kids, you'll have a game plan. I'm sure every family is different, but most people would agree that kids don't need junk food before 2. They don't know what it is or how anything tastes until we give it to them, so might as well give them lots of good food as they are growing.

      But you will see that no two people's idea of healthy is the same. I'd let my kids drink straight cups of real cream before they got something with artifical sweetener or whatever in it. ;)