Sunday, May 11, 2014


M loves euphemisms.

I can offer no explanation for why, except that he was enthralled by the concept of them from his first encounter.

He loves words, so I guess it makes sense that words that mean other words are going to be particular favorites.

Today, on the way to lunch, M asked to stop to "powder his nose."  We were almost there, so I told him he only had to hold it for a couple of minutes.

His eyes darted to both sides and he lowered his voice.

"You mean hold my... powder?"

Moments like these are what make parenting the best job in the world.

I could die from cuteness.  Excuse me, "pass away".


  1. Hahahah that's so cute! I love that he says powder his nose anyway! He sounds like an old man (a totally cute old man).

    1. I told him it was something little old ladies said, but he likes it :)

  2. Bwahahahahahaha!!! I LOVE that he is into euphemisms and routinely asks to powder his nose. That is the cutest thing EVER...but then he has to hold his powder? I die from the adorableness, too! Hahahahahaha. Never, ever change, Miles!! :) --Lisa

    1. Sometimes when I need a chuckle I think back on the story he told me about asking his TA if he could go to powder his nose one day at school. When she questioned him he (according to himself) explained with an upturned palm "It's a euphemism!"