Friday, May 2, 2014


First it was the reading post, then learning to ride the bike, and then his commercial?

L was due.

I figured something bad had to happen to even it all out, so when L started sneezing violently, it made sense.  A cold, maybe the flu, perfectly timed to reveal itself at bedtime.


Actually, a button stuck in his nose.

As in, what people worry about their two-year-olds doing.

As in, he saw a button on the floor and decided to just stick it up his nose, for fun!

Whim was hilariously enraged, but still managed to earn the title for champion of Operation: Live Action version.

As for L, he's good as new.


  1. This is when it really pays to have spent a youth playing board games. Kids nowadays will not have the same skills when they need to pull buttons out of their child's noses in the future because all of their games are on screens.

    Now that we know he's okay (more than okay...those photos are ADORABLE) and the button is out...this is a great story that you will be able to share with his kids in the future. It's never not funny to hear your dad stuck a button up his nose once upon a time. It puts things in perspective! :D --Lisa

    1. Maybe by the time Lennon's kids are sticking things into their noses, there'll be "an app for that".

  2. Hahah what is it with kids and wanting to stick things up their noses?

    PS: I LOVE Lennon's pants!

    1. Thanks. I could totally send you a pair if you want.

    2. Do you still have my email? Send me your address by email and I'll make it happen!