Saturday, May 31, 2014

Regular day

"Well, I guess it's just going to be a regular day today, huh?"  He forced the corners of his mouth to stay put, but he couldn't keep his eyes from dancing.

It was the day M has been waiting for for weeks.

His first ever field trip.
The Art show at school.
And to top it off, a pool party/barbecue dinner with fabulous friends that evening. (Barbecuing may be the easiest dinner with friends we've ever had, sans additives.)

I see so much of myself in him, but not this.  I do not love a busy schedule.

The frenzy of going-away parties, end-of-the-year events and activities, and the all the to-do list items that need to be completed and the people that have to be talked to to finish everything that needs to be done before school's out... 

If I survive these next five days, I'm going to hermitize myself for at least a week!

Regular day?  I'd love one!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Unexpected three-day-weekend due to the military coup here in Thailand.

Life continues on as more or less normal for us.  M did miss his turn for show-and-tell at school, but he was strong in the face of tragedy.  He will rebuild.

Whim's gigs have all been shifted forward in compliance with the curfew. Considering it would practically take military action for me to be out of bed after 10:00 pm, the curfew isn't really affecting me.

According to L, the funniest thing about a coup is: "It sounds like cuckoo!"

According to M, the worst thing about having a coup is: "Soliders rule, so they close your school and make you miss show and tell and library.  That's sad."

M and I don't always see eye-to-eye when it comes to canceling school.  He came around when Whim took them to a movie.

I took advantage of the day off to have my hair straightened, and -pardon the selfie- I feel like myself for the first time since I started growing it out last summer after my very short-lived short-hair experience.

In short, we're all fine.  But if the powers that be know what's good for them, we won't miss more than a few more days.  The art show and M's first field trip are both scheduled for this Friday and I don't know how M could go on if anything got in the way of that magical day.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Coco has her philosophy, and we have ours

I enjoy my children more and more the older they get.  I'm not the type of mom to tear up at milestone "firsts" or "lasts".  When I marvel at where the time has gone or how the boys have gotten so big, I'm not mourning the old days.  I'm thrilled.

But there is one little thing that I'm hanging on to tightly and don't want to see disappear.  He could drop the lisp and grow six inches overnight and I wouldn't mind one bit.  But please, please L- never lose your love of accessories!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dream treats

I have to give my boys some credit. Despite living on a fairly strict diet for such a long time, they never try to sneak junk food or complain.  They pass on offered treats so often, without a peep.  They're five and three year old boys, for goodness' sake!  I would hardly blame them if they threw a tantrum at a birthday party and begged for a cupcake. It just makes their attitudes that much more amazing, the way they roll with everything.

So even though I don't believe that kids need junk food or that it's unfair to deprive them, I do love to let them indulge sometimes when we find a safe treat.

Whim spied these additive free drinks this morning and M was thrilled to choose the purplest one on the rack: butterfly pea and lime.  L chose Bale, aka "the pink one".  

It sparked a conversation about what we would eat if we could eat anything in the world and not worry about ingredients.  M chose a lollypop.  L chose cotton candy.  My dream treat will always and forevermore be wheat thins.  

The boys may be lucky enough to find additive free lollipops and cotton candy somewhere.  But how on earth am I ever going to find gluten free wheat thins???

Sunday, May 11, 2014


M loves euphemisms.

I can offer no explanation for why, except that he was enthralled by the concept of them from his first encounter.

He loves words, so I guess it makes sense that words that mean other words are going to be particular favorites.

Today, on the way to lunch, M asked to stop to "powder his nose."  We were almost there, so I told him he only had to hold it for a couple of minutes.

His eyes darted to both sides and he lowered his voice.

"You mean hold my... powder?"

Moments like these are what make parenting the best job in the world.

I could die from cuteness.  Excuse me, "pass away".

Saturday, May 10, 2014

R is for Radioactivity

M chose to dress up as a radioactive spider for Alphabet day next week.

Admitedly, he probably has at least a half-dozen other costumes he could have chosen from that wouldn't have required any effort from me, but I guess I feel like what's the point of having interesting children if you're not going to let them run with their cool ideas?

Radioactive spider it is.

Luckily, M is easy to please, since my DIY skills couldn't handle much more than this.

We sewed a homemade felt 'radioactive symbol' to an old t-shirt and attached stuffed black socks for spider legs.

For the price of three pairs of socks, one sacrificed stuffed doll, and an hour or so of sewing, we have ourselves a radioactive spider.

I'm just crossing my fingers that there's another comic book fan in his class, or it might be a long day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Recipe for me

Making note of a delicious and perfect recipe, for next time.

Two cups of flour
Two cups of milk
Two eggs
Two shakes of salt
One splash of oil
One glug of honey

Mix lightly.  Add about a half cup of chocolate chips. Spoon into oiled muffin tin.

Cook for 20 minutes at 175 C.

So good.  So spongy.  Eat hot, with butter and honey.

Friday, May 2, 2014


First it was the reading post, then learning to ride the bike, and then his commercial?

L was due.

I figured something bad had to happen to even it all out, so when L started sneezing violently, it made sense.  A cold, maybe the flu, perfectly timed to reveal itself at bedtime.


Actually, a button stuck in his nose.

As in, what people worry about their two-year-olds doing.

As in, he saw a button on the floor and decided to just stick it up his nose, for fun!

Whim was hilariously enraged, but still managed to earn the title for champion of Operation: Live Action version.

As for L, he's good as new.