Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Record keeping, of little interest to fans of cute stories :(

Weird happening: L had a terrible RAS episode yesterday, but no seizure.

It was terrifying, and it wouldn't stop.  I was definitely wishing for the seizure by the end, just so it would be over.  L was much more disturbed by this episode than a normal short episode and seizure, and he cried afterward for much longer.

To remember: L had oatmeal for breakfast about an hour before, and though it was over a year ago, I know he had the same reponse the last time he ate it (recoded on GP):  major RAS episode, no seizure.

Oatmeal as possible RAS trigger?  Maybe.  

Plan:  Try oatmeal again on a day I'm feeling brave.

Question: But why no seizure?


  1. Oh, how scary. Poor little guy. :(
    It's so beyond frustrating how there are still so many unanswered questions and things you just have to work out by yourself. I'm so sorry. --Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa. Seizures are happening less, but RAS triggers are still there. Lots to puzzle out, but we'll figure it out :)