Saturday, April 26, 2014

I don't need no stinking training wheels

L has the precious gift of a complete lack of self-doubt.  He decided that he was going to ride a two-wheeler, and in the 3 days it took to finally click, he never once wavered from the following conversation:

M:  Keep going, L. You can do it!
L:  I know! I can!

M: You're getting it!
L: Yeah, I am!  It's awesome!

M:  You're doing great, L!
L:  You're right, M!

It was ridiculous, except that suddenly, yesterday, he could do it, and he was doing great, and it was awesome.

Well, we've definitely got self-confidence covered.  Think it's time to start working on humility and graciousness, though?!

(Note: Despite crashes, bruises, bumps, and scratches, L didn't have a single bike-related seizure!  Hooray!  He did have one in the car the other day, boo.)

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