Tuesday, March 4, 2014

warming up the car

It's no mystery how M turned out to be such a talker.  He comes by it honestly.  Whim's family all have the gift of gab, with Whim's mom and Whim himself coming in tied at the top of the list.  

Now I love to talk, too.  I just don't stand a chance in this crowd.  It took me a few years to learn how to even elbow my way into the conversations when they're all together.   Whim's dad, though, is more like me.  Every time it's time to go somewhere as a family, it's impossible to ever get going.
Whim's dad always ends up "warming up the car" for an hour while everyone else talks about how we need to get going.

Whim's father passed away on Thursday.

His family is so strong.  They are all remembering him joyfully and celebrating his life, rather than just mourning his passing.  Our faith comforts us that the separation of death is only temporary, and that we'll be together again.

M is dealing with it in his typical fashion.  No tears, but lots of questions.  

The funeral service yesterday was such a clear snapshot of how he has grown and matured this year.  I wish I had a picture of him sitting with his books for the whole afternoon while we waited for the evening service.  Or one of the way his chest swelled with pride whenever anyone commented about well-behaved he has become.  He lives for encouraging words.

L is devastated.  Partly because he misses his grandpa, but mostly that Pupu went to heaven without him.  I've never known anyone, young or old, who longs for heaven the way L does.   I try not to think too hard about that one...

The outpouring of love from our community has been so heartwarming.  There are so many people reaching out to show love and offer condolences that it's overwhelming.

And though we all miss him, there's something familiar about it.  While everyone was talking last night after the first service, it was like he'd just gone to warm up the car.


  1. Oh, Robin. We are so very sorry for your loss. We'll be thinking of you and your whole family. --The Dose Girls

  2. I'm so sorry, Robin. I used to feel the way Lennon does (ok, sometimes I still do) because it's so hard to see someone you love get to go to this place that (in my mind) is magical and amazing and all my favorite people are there hanging out and drinking margaritas and not giving a shit. Plus, life's hard. :)

    1. He was just saying yesterday, "Our family has four people, and when I die it will be just three!" Happy as a clam, not in a disturbed or dark way. He just can't wait to go be with God.