Thursday, March 13, 2014

Letters to no one

I saw something online a while ago saying if you write letters to Disney characters, they'll send you postcards back in the mail. Cute, right?  I filed the idea away for a rainy day, and finally brought it up this week.

I figured the boys would eat it up.  At least, I loved getting mail as a kid (and still do!)  I'm tempted to write Mickey myself!

Lennon decided to make a card for Lightning McQueen.  I'm not sure he cared about the letter- I think he was just happy for a chance to talk about Cars without everyone suddenly remembering they had something else to do.  Some of us have reached our saturation point on that particular topic.

M was supremely uninterested.  "They aren't real, Mom."  L reasoned that it's just for fun, but not even the prospect of a postcard of his very own in the mailbox could convince him.  

He wanted to write a letter, just not to a Disney character.  He settled on the editors of National Geographic.  So nerdy.  So awesome.

His letter read as follows:


I love NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.  I'm M.  I'm five years old.  I read "The Truth About Black Holes."  The sandboarding part was best.  Will you write me back?
Love, M. J.

Please, oh please.  May that letter reach a mom who will take 10 minutes to make a kid's day!


  1. We're both in the mood for paper mail!

    1. I'm going to find just the thing to send you.