Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's gone!

It's gone.

That glorious, glorious hair.

I loved it so much.  I would have let him grow it forever, if he wanted.

When he was little, he said he wanted long hair like Rapunzel.  Actually he said Papunzel.  Whenever anyone asked when we were going to cut his hair, I'd give them the ol', "We like it long and he likes it long, so we're not planning to cut it any time soon.  Of course, we'll cut it when he asks".

Silly me.  I believed it, too. 

When he finally told me he wanted to cut it, I tried to talk him out of it.

"Think of how much everyone compliments it all the time!  If you cut it, nobody will say how handsome it is anymore."  Shameful, I know, but since he doesn't care it didn't even work.

Neither did the straw man.  "So you want your hair to be totally gone, like Caillou?  We don't even like him!"  But he's too smart for my childish tricks.  

He likes it.  It's out of his face and not "flopping around everywhere".

I'll miss his long curls, but I know I can't complain.  I got to enjoy them a lot longer than most moms do.


  1. Aww! I loved those curls so much too :) Maybe he might want to grow it out again later.

    1. Just what I was thinking Xae! No need to keep trimming it :)

  2. Aw! Sorry Robin! But his hair is still cute. Plus, when he's a teenager he'll totally grow it back, right? :)

  3. It still looks fantastic! But I bet it hurt to watch those curls fall to the floor. He really has the best hair (man or woman) I have ever seen!-Ashley

    1. He had to answer so many questions yesterday - first day back to school with the new haircut - and by the end of the day he had it down. "I was sick of tangles!" He's happy with it, which makes me glad.

  4. His hair looks good either way! We have a curly haired boy too, but he looks more like the after picture. My son is happy when he gets a trim, but they can be hard for a mom. I like hearing about your 2 sweet boys. : ) - Kim