Saturday, January 4, 2014

Only Pinterest can save me now

Me: So, what do you think of our city?

L: I'm frustrated that you broke every single crayon I have.

It's true, I totally did.  Those 20 bt. packs of pastel crayons I put in their stockings were absolute crap.

Nine more days of Christmas break and we have already baked cupcakes and drawn a city on a giant piece of cardboard.  We have also watched Frozen, Tangled, and three classic Disney movies, made fake snow, read dozens of books, deep cleaned their room, and played hours of boardgames.  Way too many boardgames.

Don't get me wrong.  I love Christmas break. LOVE. I might cry actual tears next Sunday night when it's all over.  But I am running out of ideas!  That "let kids be bored, it's good for their creativity" argument sounds so good until they are antagonising eachother just for the fun of it.  Then I'm suddenly suggesting we get out the play-dough.

Luckily I have discovered something awesome.

The other day I downloaded the Kodable and Lightbot apps on the iPad and since then the boys have been happily playing their way through each level as they learn basic computer programming concepts.  

Working together. Learning!  Having fun.  Not fighting!

I have my reservations about screen time just like every other mom, but this one is an easy yes.

Especially in the face of another round of the Nascar game.


  1. Uh. How did I not know there was a Nascar board game when MY SISTER WORKS FOR NASCAR?!?! Weird.

    That sounds exhausting. Seriously, how are people parents?!?! I don't even have the energy just thinking about it. :)

    1. Your sister needs to start hooking you up with the free nascar goodies.
      Actually it says Coca-cola on it, maybe it's not even Nascar, I don't know. It's a racing game.

  2. You need some grown up time, huh Robin?
    My mom keeps trying to convince me that it's time to have kids. I'm so showing her this!

    1. Good idea, Xae! Time for a date night :)

  3. Seriously, how many times can you play Candyland? The answer by the time, is as many as the 5 y.o. can get away with! ;) Those apps sound headed to check them out right now!-Ashley

  4. Candyland is one I've happily avoided! Tell me what you think of the apps!